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This is your cooperative

At its 2017 Annual Meeting, Tipmont announced plans to build and offer state-of-the-art residential fiber-optic internet service. In the time since Tipmont has constructed over 2,000 miles of fiber optic line throughout its 875 square mile electric service territory, known as the “on-footprint build.”

Tipmont 2017 Annual Meeting
Chairman Robert Baker announces Tipmont’s fiber internet project at the 2017 Annual Meeting

Thanks in large part to state and federal grant funding, the project was able to focus its efforts in rural areas most in need – areas with limited or no broadband service. The grant funding also helped accelerate the original project timeline from eight years to four.

Building in areas with existing broadband service

As we near the end of the on-footprint build, many of the remaining areas, or zones, are already served by an existing broadband provider. In some cases, the provider is a fiber-optic broadband provider.

We take great pride in blazing-fast speed, unparalleled reliability and unrivaled local customer service. At the same time, we recognize that some of our members may not want the disruption of fiber-optic installation.

Tipmont’s fiber optic service requires “drop construction” — creating a direct path for fiber-optic lines to your home. In some cases, this necessitates temporary disruption of yards and property to complete connection.

Tipmont always levels out any disrupted ground, but timing can be contingent on weather condition. It may be several weeks, or even a few months, before our professional landscaping contractors return to repair property damaged during installation.

Helping us decide to build in your neighboorhood

We want to establish a conversation with neighborhood leadership and residents about:

  • The level of interest in bringing Tipmont fiber-optic service to your neighborhood
  • Requirements of drop construction related to establishing Tipmont fiber-optic service
  • Questions or concerns your neighborhood may have about Tipmont’s process or services
  • Thresholds of neighborhood interest / financial commitment required for Tipmont connection

The process will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1
Now – Fall 2023
Collection of survey responses from this website.
Phase 2
Fall 2023 – 2024
Sharing the data with involved members and discussing the results to make an informed build decision.

Please Take our Survey

Tipmont is confident that its fiber-optic technology is the best solution, but this is also your cooperative. Ultimately, you and your neighbors will be responsible for the decision on our broadband availability.

Please take our brief speed test survey to share with us the speeds your currently getting at your home and your interest in Tipmont’s fiber internet service coming to your neighborhood.

Take the survey

Your responses will help determine Tipmont fiber availability in your neighboorhood.